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«Higher School of Folk Arts (academy)»

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The higher school of folk arts (academy) is the first and only state higher education institution in Russia and the world that trains artists in
23 completely different types of traditional artistic crafts, in which a unique system of continuing professional education is embodied, including secondary professional, higher (bachelor, master, specialty, postgraduate degrees), programs of additional professional education, professional development and retraining in the field of traditional applied art. The teaching staff – 97 % are candidates and doctors of sciences, the teachers of specialized departments – all graduates of the academy and all defended their dissertations at the Dissertation Council of the
Higher school of folk arts.

Higher school of folk arts (academy) further – HSFA – an innovative educational cluster that includes the head university, Research Institute of traditional artistic crafts (including 3 specialized scientific laboratories), Art pedagogical Toy Museum named after N.D. Bartram (the only one in the world and which is 100 years old) and 9 branches, which are located mostly in the centers of traditional artistic crafts – villages and small towns, which contributes not only to the perspective training of local youth, their consolidation in these unique art centers, but also through them to the development of traditional regional historical Russian art.

The mission of the Higher school of folk arts (academy): preservation, revival and development of traditional artistic crafts through the training of artists in specific kinds of art associated with regional and historical centers of folk artistic crafts.

Mstyora lacquer miniature painting Artistic embroidery Artistic toy
Mstyora embroidery Vologda artistic lacemaking Artistic painting on fabric
Mstyora icon painting Kirishi artistic lacemaking Rostov enamel
Mstyora decorative painting Balakhna artistic lacemaking Artistic processing of leather and fur
Fedoskino lacquer miniature painting Ryazan artistic lacemaking Palekh icon painting
Kholuy lacquer miniature painting Jewellery art Palekh lacquer miniature painting
Kholuy icon painting Bogorodskoe artistic woodcarving Lomonosov (Kholmogory) bonecarving
Nizhny Tagil decorative painting Decorative painting «Moscow painting»

Features of Higher school of folk arts (academy)

Higher school of folk arts (academy) is a guarantor of the preservation and development of the traditional cultural historical heritage of Russia – the basis of national cultural identity. The academy provides access to specialized higher education for local youth in the historical centers of traditional artistic crafts – villages and small towns of Russia. HSFA is a cultural educational center that educates a citizen and patriot who is proud of preserving and multiplying the cultural heritage of Russia. HSFA invests in raw materials (creation of papier-mache and subsequent designs from papier-mache, paints and pigments, chicken eggs up to 50 thousand a year for tempera painting, gold leaf – for lacquer miniature painting, purchase of tarsometatarsus, mammoth tusks, walrus tusks, sperm whale teeth – for bone-carving art, metal, fabrics, threads, etc.). The teachers and students of the academy work at expositions of the regional profile historical museums. Due to the lack of textbooks (no analogues, except for the literature of the 19th century), only the academy creates educational materials for specialized subjects. One of the features of HSFA is a small number of students, individual training (from 2 to 6 people in a study group).

The prospects of Higher school of folk arts (academy)

– Creation of a unified all-Russian system of scientific and methodological support for professional training of artists of traditional artistic crafts who will be in demand for their unique works in the modern world society; – Opening of new branches in the historical centers of traditional artistic crafts (town Torzhok, Tver region, town Semenov, Nizhny Novgorod region, town Veliky Novgorod, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, town Anadyr ); – Creation and implementation of innovative scientific projects focused on the development of each type of traditional artistic crafts, their demand in the modern world space; – Creating a closed system of education (training and upbringing) in traditional applied art, which includes: pre-school, school, secondary professional and higher education (non-profile), specialized art and pedagogical education.

Research Institute of traditional artistic crafts

was opened in 2008 and carries out research activities in the artistic and creative, pedagogical, design technological and museum areas.

The Institute has three research laboratories:

Experimental laboratory of professional education in traditional artistic crafts

conducts scientific work in the field of methodology, theory and methods of training artists of traditional applied art; develops scientific research of the scientific pedagogical school of academician of Russian education Academy V.F. Maksimovich; develops new areas of theoretical research and conducts pedagogical experiments; equips the educational process with research didactic developments and innovative teaching methods; manages and organizes the activities of the student scientific society of the academy. The research results are reflected in monographic works, dissertation research in the field of professional pedagogy.

Laboratory of the museum-pedagogical and artistic-creative activity

defines the subject and directs scientific research of the Art pedagogical Toy Museum named after N.D. Bartram; develops and organizes scientifically joint artistic creative work of teachers of departments and branches of the academy; implements renovation in the preparation of bachelors and masters of traditional applied art based on scientific research.

Scientific design and technological laboratory equipped with the latest equipment is located in the Mstyora branch – Mstyora Institute of lacquer miniature painting named after F.A. Modorov:

– experimental samples and products of various design forms from papier-mache for subsequent lacquer miniature painting,
– experimental preparations of icon boards made of linden with oak dowels and covered with levkas-chalk soil with preservation of historical traditional technologies;
is the only base in Russia for conducting specialized artistic and technological practice of students.

In 2018 the only PATENT in Russia was obtained for the invention of a method for making papier-mache products.

Training is conducted in the following kinds of traditional applied art: artistic embroidery (40 types)

art of bone carving (Kholmogory bone carving of Archangelsk region)

decorative painting (Nizhny Tagil decorative painting on wood and metal)

artistic lacemaking (Vologda, Kirishi, Balakhna)

Thanks to the students’ diploma works of the DEPARTMENT of artistic lacemaking, who took first place at the World congress «Lace dresses», the academy is the only one from Russia was accepted in 2015 to the European Union of lacemaking.

artistic metal (jewellery art)

Church historical painting:

Kholuy lacquer miniature painting

Palekh lacquer miniature painting

Mstyora lacquer miniature painting

Palekh icon painting
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